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The aim of Connor language courses is to train corporate staff to use English successfully at work. This, more than ever, has to be the aim of corporate language training in a global environment. For too long, companies have been investing in general English training which simply has not translated into an ability to communicate effectively in English at work.

Connor resolves this problem by offering a powerful solution on three levels:

  1. TEMPO™ Method: Connor has developed a method to deliver the key communication skills needed to do business in English. TEMPO™ is an acronym for Telephone calls, Emails, Meetings, Presentations and the Optimization of the time and investment needed to acquire these skills.
    This work is completed by improving a series of key English skills together with building awarness of crosscultural issues. All of this translates into concrete returns for your company (ROI) and the pride and pleasure your staff experience in being properly trained to work in English.
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  2. Locations: Connor is able to deliver this service around the world ensuring that wherever you have staff, they are receiving the same high quality focussed language training.
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  3. Online monitoring: The essential online monitoring system On TRACK provides your HR department with all the data and support needed to guide your English language training programme to meet the objectives set.
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Whether you are a local, international or multinational company, Connor can offer you the TEMPO™ Method, its locations and  its monitoring system to guarantee your staff  are properly trained to work in English.

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